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ZipID, Inc. Proper Usage Guidelines

Last modified: June 6, 2023

ZipID, Inc.’s Brand Assets are some of our most valuable assets. Our Brand Assets distinguish ZipID, Inc.’s human capital management (“HCM”) products and services from those of our competitors, and signify to the public the high quality of our HCM services. We take great pride in our Brand Assets, such as our name and logo, and published materials, as they are the visual representation of our brand. When we use the term Brand Assets, we mean, for example, published materials (i.e., photographs, videos, white papers and the like), as well as the following list of marks, as updated from time to time (the “Brand Assets”):





ZipID, INC.®

When you use our Brand Assets, you are using our intellectual property; as such, anyone wishing to use our Brand Assets must obtain permission. To request written permission, contact  Please keep in mind that when you use our Brand Assets, you must adhere to these Proper Usage Guidelines and our Trademark Style Guidelines, which can be found here, as well as any license agreement between you and ZipID, Inc.. The following materials should be submitted as a part of your request, all draft materials (i.e., mock-ups for web pages, booth designs, marketing slicks, etc.) in which our Brand Assets will appear.

ZipID, Inc. Brand Asset Requirements:

  • Maintain a minimum clearing space of 0.25’’ around our trademarks for visibility, impact and overall integrity. This space should never be intersected with or intruded upon by other graphic objects or an edge.

  • Spell our trademarks exactly as they are spelled on the Brand Assets List.

  • Use only artwork and graphics that are approved by us when using our Brand Assets.

  • Use the registered trademark symbol ® with ZipID, Inc.’s registered trademarks. As a reminder, please see our Brand Assets List and Trademark Style Guidelines for a list of ZipID, Inc.’s registered trademarks and the proper placement of the ® trademark symbol.

  • Use our marks in a way that reflects positively on ZipID, Inc. and ZipID, Inc.’s services.

  • Always include the following legal disclaimer with the use of our Brand Assets: “ZipID, Inc. is a registered trademark and service mark of ZipID, Inc. Payroll, LLC. and/or its affiliates and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.”

  • You may not alter any element of our Brand Assets by, for example, abbreviating our trademarks, changing the colors or typeface of our trademarks, adding words or design elements to our trademarks, or hyphenating our trademarks unless the trademark is itself hyphenated.

  • No use of our Brand Assets shall be inconsistent with the format found on the Trademark Style Guidelines. For example, when used with the ZipID, Inc. logo mark, all letters of the word “ZipID, Inc.” are to be lowercased. In all other cases, only the “P” is capitalized. This means, for example, don’t capitalize the “C” in ZipID, Inc..

  • You may not use any of our Brand Assets as the most prominent element on your website.

  • No use of our Brand Assets may imply any relationship between a user and ZipID, Inc., such as an affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement or partnership.

  • You may not place our Brand Assets next to, or bundled with, your logo or other logos.

  • No use of our Brand Assets should, in any manner, be reasonably interpreted to suggest editorial content has been created by, or represents the views or opinions of ZipID, Inc..

  • You may not use our Brand Assets on any medium that contains links to adult content, such as pornography, the promotion of gambling, the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under 21 years of age, or that violates applicable laws or regulations in any way.

  • You may not use our Brand Assets in a manner that is, in ZipID, Inc.’s sole opinion, misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene or otherwise objectionable to ZipID, Inc..

  • Framing or mirroring any webpages owned by ZipID, Inc. is prohibited.

  • You may not use any of our Brand Assets as a part of your own product names, service names, trade names, trademarks, logos, press releases, email signatures, securities offering documents, entity names or the like.

  • You may not mimic ZipID, Inc.’s trade dress, including ZipID, Inc.’s web and graphic designs, distinctive color combinations, typefaces, product icons or other imagery associated with ZipID, Inc..

  • To avoid causing confusion among consumers, don't utilize marks, logos, slogans, trade names or designs that are similar to our Brand Assets.

  • You may not use our Brand Assets in social media account names, profiles or images.

  • You may not register our Brand Assets as top, second or third level domain names.

  • Do not use the registered trademark symbol with our Brand Assets in countries we have not registered our marks in, as trademark rights are not uniform from country to country.


Help Us Protect Our Brand Assets Against Infringement and Misuse By Others By Reporting Suspected Infringement or Misuse To Marketing by emailing

Please immediately contact us if you become aware of:

  • Any third-party use of our Brand Assets, or any similar trademarks, that you believe may violate ZipID, Inc.’s rights.

  • Any third-party use of our Brand Assets in a generic sense, for example, by using the ZipID, Inc. trademark to refer to HCM services generally and not ZipID, Inc. HCM services offered under the ZipID, Inc. trademark.

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