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How to use ZipID 

Employer Registration and How-To

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Employers sign up and in here

  • ZipID offers an online Form I-9 Console to invite new employees to complete I-9s using the iOS mobile application, and receive the completed I-9, selfie and ID images transaction.

    • Set up admin​

    • Add new employee basic information

    • Send invite to complete I-9 

    • Invite process takes less than a minute

  • Once the new employee transaction is downloaded into the I-9 Console, ZipID does not retain the data. 

    • Download of I-9 pdf, selfie, ID images takes seconds. ​

    • Page 1 of the I-9 will be complete only; employer is responsible for completing Page 2

  • We give the option to new employees to download the transaction.

  • We encrypt all transactions in transit and at rest, as well as the ID images within the transaction.

How to send mobile app to new employees

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