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Privacy Policy

We take your consent and privacy seriously. 

That's why we don't retain employee data, do not have access to employer I-9 consoles, or expose any I-9 data to anyone but those required to have it by law.

  • You provide explicit consent before you begin the Form I-9 automated process.

  • We only acquire Personal Information as required to the complete the Form I-9. 

  • You can see all authorized application and which specific elements of your Personal Information will be shared prior to submitting your data to your new employer.

  • You can choose to not use the application at all, or stop using the application at any time. 

  • You may retain your ZipID transactions on the application, or download them to your device, securely and privately. ZipID will never see them, nor have access to them once your employer receives them.

  • ZipID does not conduct facial recognition. We do conduct facial acquisition in order to help the employer decide whether or not to use the photo to help verify your identity, the same as required under current federal law. 

  • ZipID, Inc will not sell, rent, or trade Personal Information. 

  • ZipID will delete your data from our servers once we know your employer has successfully received your data.

  • ZipID only collects data required by federal law.

  • Our third party, who extracts ID data, does not retain your data. 

  • We encrypt your data end-to-end: at rest, in transit, and the ID images within the transaction. 

ZipIDapp - mobile app for new employees to complete Form I-9
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