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Form I-9 Made Easy

Form I-9 compliance software that is fast, automated, 
remote, and private.    

A fast, efficient workflow seamless integrates employer and employee to accurately, securely and privately complete the I-9 end-to-end in just a few minutes

ZipIDapp Form I-9 web HR console
ZipIDapp autofilled Form I-9 example
ZipIDapp Form I-9 web HR console.png

1. Employer sends iPhone app url to new employee

2. Employee completes I-9 on iPhone 

3. Employer receives completed I-9, ID images, selfie 

Why ZipID

Put ZipID to work as your I-9 solution.

Get your time back.

Employers learn more here 

Working on Laptop

Easy to set up and use. 

  • Employers enjoy use of a web-based secure Form I-9 Console at the link above where a request to complete Form I-9 is sent to new employee

  • Employer sends email to new employee with the ZipIDapp mobile app url 

  • Once the new employee registers on the app, employer's request to complete the I-9 will be waiting for them.

  • When the I-9 is complete, the new employee simply sends back the transaction to the employer console.

  • ZipID automatically deletes new employer personal data upon employer download in our I-9 record keeping portal 

New employees download mobile
I-9 software here

or "ZipIDapp" on Apple store

8 easy steps to fully complete the Form I-9

  • Logic leads through workflow that enables choice of appropriate IDs to use to complete process

  • IDs are extracted to accurately complete necessary fields in the I-9

  • New employees approve accuracy of Form I-9 data inputs

  • For I-9 autofilled and employee

  • Employee provides e-signature 

  • Autofilled I-9, selfie and ID images sent to employer only -  no third parties, no data retention

  • Transaction encrypted end-to-end

  • Employee may download completed transaction or retain in the app

ZipIDapp Form I-9 mobile app screenshots
ZipIDapp Form I-9 mobile app screenshots
ZipIDapp - Form I-9 acceptable documents


Developed by those who know government requirements inside and out.

  • Workflow mirrors Form I-9 requirements

  • Enables upload and extraction of ID documents from lists A, B, and C most commonly used to accurately autofill I-9

  • Logic aligns with IDs most commonly used to complete I-9s

  • Returns to employer information required for I-9 compliance

Private and Secure

Say goodbye to third parties, say hell0 to privacy and security.

  • Transactions are only between the employer and employee; no third parties are involved

  • Every transaction is encrypted end-to-end, as are ID images

  • No personally identifiable information is retained upon employer download of completed I-9

Image by Muhammad Zaqy Al Fattah


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